Amber Mack

While in the HDE lab, Amber researched stress and mental health among refugee populations and contributed to the Family Stress Model literature review. She is graduating with her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2019, with a health concentration and research specialization. Her work centers around eliminating racial disparities in sexual and reproductive health, particularly maternal and infant health. She is currently working on a research project to explore the relationship between socioeconomic status and adverse birthing outcomes among black women. She is also working on a systematic review exploring the relationship between reproductive health factors and hormone-negative breast cancer. Her work has been presented at the Brown School's Black Excellence Conference and the Brown School's Research Without Walls Conference.

Highlighted Works in the HDE Lab:

  • Mack, A. & Masarik, A. S. (April 17, 2017). Stress and mental health of refugees: An illustrative review. Paper presented at the Undergraduate Research Conference in Boise, ID.

  • Masarik A. S., Abellera, C., Holdiman, A., Knudson, A., & Mack, A. (November 18, 2017). Refugee stress and resilience: Application of the Family Stress Model. Poster presentation at the National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.

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