Anna Holdiman

Anna.... (fill fill fill fill)

Highlighted Works in the HDE Lab: 

  • Masarik A. S., Abellera, C., Holdiman, A., Knudson, A., & Mack, A. (November 18, 2017). Refugee stress and resilience: Application of the Family Stress Model. Poster presentation at the National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.
  • Holdiman, A. & Masarik, A. S. (April 8, 2017). Resettlement stress and family functioning in refugees: An illustrative review. Paper presented at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

  • Holdiman, A. & Masarik, A. S. (April 16, 2018). Strength or strain: A discussion on the impacts of child language brokering. Paper presented at the Undergraduate Research Conference in Boise, ID. 

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