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Georgette’s research interests center on educational opportunities among refugee and immigrant youth. In the HDE Lab, Georgette collaborated with Shukuru Kamulete to study the role of student-led organizations on sense of campus belonging, academic success, and career development among multilingual students. Georgette speaks Swahili and English fluently. She is a language interpreter for the home interviews with Dr. Masarik’s larger “Stress and Resilience” project involving Congolese mothers and their adolescent children. Outside of the HDE Lab, Georgette is a language interpreter for local school districts, a community liaison for the International Rescue Committee, and serves as the President of the Multilingual Student Alliance at Boise State. After graduation, Georgette plans to pursue law school to advocate for marginalized groups at a policy level. 

Highlighted Works in the HDE Lab:

  • Kamulete, S., Bisoka, G., & Masarik, A. S. (April 24, 2020). The influence of the Multilingual Student Alliance on sense of belonging and educational success among refugee-background students. Poster presented at the Undergraduate Research Showcase (online). 

Georgette Bisoka

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