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Jenna (Naifeh) Hofman

In the HDE Lab, Jenna investigated college students’ perceived benefits and barriers to seeking counseling. In order to do this, she analyzed approximately 100 students’ writing about their counseling experiences using thematic content analysis. Jenna’s research findings helped Dr. Masarik determine that she should continue offering extra credit opportunities in her courses for students who seek counseling services. Jenna is now in graduate school at Northwest Nazarene University, earning her master’s degree in Counseling with a Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling emphasis. She is currently seeing clients at the Parent Child Relationship Center and working toward state licensure.

Highlighted Works in the HDE Lab: 

  • Naifeh, J. (December, 2018). Counseling for undergraduate students: Benefits and barriers. Secondary data analysis project to inform Dr. Masarik’s educational practices (IRB-approved).

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