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Jonnie Pederson

In the HDE Lab, Jonnie was in charge of developing a list of community resources to share with recently resettled refugee youth and families. She also assisted Dr. Masarik with a variety of other tasks to help set up the larger “Stress and Resilience” project involving Congolese mothers and their adolescent children. At the end of her time in the HDE Lab, Jonnie delivered a highly engaging presentation on the contextual, cultural, and community factors that promote health and wellbeing among resettling refugees. Jonnie is now teaching abroad and hopes to apply to graduate school soon.

Highlighted Works in the HDE Lab:

  • Pedersen, J. & Masarik, A. S. (April 16, 2018). Resilience among refugees: Context, culture, and community. Paper presented at the Undergraduate Research Conference in Boise, ID. 

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